Shay Gallo

“After meeting or talking to about 15 builders, I was referred to Shay Gallo. I am forever grateful to Anne and Bill. From start to finish, Shay set realistic expectations then over delivered. Many compliments received from my non-complimenting friends, have been overwhelming - from exquisite finishes to old school craftsmanship. If you are looking to build in the Bethany area and don't meet Shay you have missed the boat.”

- Marcey Town

Shay Gallo

“Shay did a fantastic job for us. I would use him to build our next house in a heartbeat. 10 stars!”

- Clint Heiden

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“Shay did a remodel of my parents beach house the "Never Sell" in South Bethany. Being one of the older bungalows on the strip, most people have been tearing them down and opting for big boxy homes that max out every inch of the building envelope disregarding taste and over all design. My mother wanted to add onto the house and bring it up to date but keeping with the original look and feel of the original house, not an easy thing to do. Shay is a true custom home builder and is hands on involved in every step of the process. His experience as a coastal home builder was especially important when recommending materials and design features that held up better in the tough weather conditions of the beach versus just letting us pick things that looked good but had an inferior life span. Four years later with lots of use, everything has held up great. After having our third child, my wife and I are adding to our house in Sharptown, MD and Shay is the builder. Once the project is complete we will post some pictures. Would recommend Shay Gallo Construction to anyone looking for a quality build where you don't have to worry about the GC taking short cuts with the expectation that you get what you pay for.”

- Happy Client